“Rhythmic Structure of the wind” (2009) (Parts I-V)

If we can imaging the wind iluminated by microscopics light rays slightly visibles to the human sight and we can see each and everyone of the million forms that can take place with the change of velocity, direction, temperature and every possible variation, at our eyes will appear an infinite World of colors, lights and ininmaginable structures.

In the 5 Structures of the wind I take this idea of infinite variations and the premise of order and chaos that suggest me all this possibilities of sounds and visuals.

In all the movements of the piece there is always a principle of order and chaos within the internal structure of each movement  and the work itself.

While I work on the piece I  release that that same idea of variability it could be use with all this infinite sound possibilities and I decide to work on a group of sounds and ideas to be a continuo recorded previously on cd,   and give the musicians the opportunity to navigate freely using improvisation and time guides to navigate within each movement of the piece.

To achieve this I decide to let the instrumentation of the piece completely free, so it appears on the store: For any instrument(s) and electronic sounds on cd.

The variables existing on the cd with the liberty of the player make the Rhythmic Structure of the Wind an exciting challenge for the ear and the imagination thanks to the always changing results.

RT 2012


Skills: work in progress